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[edit] Ideas and reactions

This is great: something like "Engine 2.5" - or "Engine 3.0" !

Possible parameters have to be well chosen. We had a conversation here :

IMHO my preference is:

  1. First-hand source
  2. Second-hand source
  3. No source
  4. Hypothesis

and then

  1. Make believe (I'm not sure to understand what "Make believe" means in french, could someone help me?)
  2. Mythological

[edit] some ideas

Don't know if it's possible or easy for Baya:

  • It could be great to have the display preferences in:
    • user preferences, and
    • in "full tree" pages
  • Records with nothing in source field should be automaticly tagged with "no-source".

On the other hand :

  • Independence warning are still important.
  • Trees running from nowadays to Zeus, still need to be cut.
  • Please! Sources, and sources and sources! At least: one book, one author, one page-number for each record…
  • To complete this system, we (users or sysops) have to implement basic templates (controversial, need relationships, delete, merge etc.) in each localisation languages, with english titles… to allow everybody to tag every version of one record. (see: Templates)
  • We need to make conversation running again, at least between sysops: we know we don't agree with each other, but we've grown, and so did Rodovid!
  • Anyway it's not so bad, we did avoid "north corean mood" we can read in Wikipedia talk-pages!

[edit] Unblocking

Hello Baya.

I would be happy to unblock CharlesF (although I cannot find the page where to do that) Also know that many of the people that CharlesF has been systematically unlinking are actually historical people, not make believe. I will be more diligent about adding references... but those references should be checked before unlinking. Wikipedia is not the ultimate authority. If there is an error I would like to know about it BEFORE it is unlinked, so that I can update my references and correct the error. Unilateral unlinking in the tree is damaging. A great deal of damage has already been done. I have been struggling to restore it. I think we all deserve a little bit of consideration when it comes to collaborating on our shared heritage. Almoustine 05:10, 12 July 2015 (EEST)

Privit Almoustine
  1. You can unblock CharlesF here :
  2. Could you please help me to find exact translation of "make believe people" in french?
--Christophe Tesson - talk. 09:35, 12 July 2015 (EEST)

[edit] Suggested categories

Privit everybody

To help this important discussion, I have created two templates :

This template should be translated in every localization of Rodovid, with the same english title, so then, when it's used in one localization, the record will be properly categorized for each language.

To all users : could you please make correct translations in your localizations?

We know that we don't agree, so let's do something first, make the list of things about what we disagree! --Christophe Tesson - talk. 11:45, 12 July 2015 (EEST)

[…] Some personal messages were displaced to User talk:Almoustine […]

[edit] R.I.P. Rodovid?

Privit everybody

It's terrible to say that this usefull and needed improvements of Rodovid, proposed by Baya, will be useless to stop spamming in Rodovid.

We are 3 sysops who have studied spam in Rodovid.EN (which seems to be the sickest localization).

Obviously, spamming is poisoning database much farer than simple categorization: "make-believe" or "mythological".

Spam is everywhere:

  • arbitrary fusions
  • fantasy infos
  • nonsense

Each time we can find contradictory sources, Rodovid is spoiled to help a "Point of view pusher".

There's only one way to avoid this:

  • each time contradictory sources are found about Jake (f.e.), let's duplicate records an write "Jake according to Paul" (source #1) and "Jake according to john" (source #2).

So then every point of view can be written in RD.

In other words : In Rodovid, don't write "Jake is the son of Roger". Just write: "I've red in this particular book (on page xx) that Jake is the son of Roger"

And let's write a complete transcription of each source in Rodovid, in dedicated category. Simple, clean, comprehensive to everybody.

This should be Rule #1.

So, we all have been working in RD for several years. It's really simple to find common rules. And it's easy to block point-of-view pushers.

Let's write (one more time) common rules. --Christophe Tesson - talk. 17:02, 19 July 2015 (EEST)

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