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Just for the record. I don't subscribe to either spaceman theories, new age rhetoric, or any particular brand of mythology such as (British Israelism, Scriptural Inerrancy, Danikenism) however cultural or religious, nor do I promote belief in the ancestry of humans from either apes or lizards. In my opinion, based on scientific and archaeological evidence, our ancestors have been around for a long, long, time as intelligent, sentient, civilized creatures and needed absolutely no help from spacemen to get from point A to point B on this spherical planet where all roads lead to Rome (geometrically speaking). The notion that our ancestors lacked intelligence, or that modern man is the pinnacle of intelligence is a very ageist notion which prevents us from accepting sometimes blatant evidence regarding our collective past. Surprise folks! Everyone on this planet is descended from the same source. Even the most devout conspiracy theorist, who delights in exposing the ancestry of the supposed satanic bloodlines cannot escape their own DNA. So unless your immediate family were all from mars. We are all related and can trace that common DNA to antiquity.

As an Anthropologist I was trained to use a multidisciplined approach to the study of family science. Using this multidisciplined approach to solving a centuries old puzzle involving the origins of my own biological line we discovered some interesting links within an ancient French lineage that may be of interest to a lot of genealogists and historians.

I can already tell that there are a lot of cousins out there with whom I will be working to document these people and preserve their memories and stories for posterity. I welcome any feedback and interaction from fellow genealogists out there. Check my talk page for details on the American Mustain DNA Project [[1]]

My Warmest Regards to All,

--Almoustine 22:25, 2 January 2008 (EET)Almoustine

Although I read French, Catalan, Spanish, Basque, Walloon, Nederlands, Italian, English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Gaelic (Irish, Welsh, and Scots), I am conversant only in English and Scandinavian.

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