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This is a list of usefull templates, and links to their different localisations:


[edit] General templates

[edit] What links here

A simple template used to tag pages linked to others, it's only using «Special:Whatlinkshere» wiki tool.

[edit] Templates for "Person:" pages

[edit] delete

Used to mark records that have to be deleted:

  • Syntax

{{delete|provide reason}}

[edit] merge

Used to mark duplicates. (2 different syntaxes)

{{merge|<person ID>}}

{{merge|Person:123456|reason}} or {{merge|Article name|reason}}

[edit] Possible merge?

Used to tag both records in case of possible merge

[edit] Timeline error

Used to mark person records with impossible dates.

[edit] Needs relationships

Used to tag useless isolated records (with no dates and no sources)

[edit] Controversial

Used for controversial records

[edit] Need sources

[edit] Controversial source

{{Controversial source|<controversial source>}}

[edit] Bad record

Usage? {{Bad_record}}

[edit] Bad place


[edit] Bad clan


[edit] Education Level

{{Maggiolo|<level, from A to F>}}

(Maggiolo was an historian who made satistics upon education level, based upon town and parish records, by evaluating signatures quality.)

[edit] hypothetical ancestry

Hypothèse d'ascendance :
Source(s) de cette hypothèse : {{{Source de l'hypothèse}}}

[[Personne:{{{ID mère}}}]]
Image:Lien Hypothèse.jpg
[[Personne:{{{ID père}}}]]

[edit] Templates for "Family:" pages

[edit] Empty family or single person family

[edit] Merge

[edit] Templates for "Place:" pages

[edit] Who is listed here?

Used to display people who has lived an event (birth, mariage, etc.) in a particular place.

[edit] Using complete "Events viewer" functions

[edit] Using only "What links here" function

[edit] Templates for "Clan:" pages

[edit] Clan without info

[edit] Template for articles

[edit] To do


[edit] Templates for User's pages



{{User lineage|Smith}}

[edit] Social networks markers

[edit] User on Facebook

{{FB_person|provide full URL}}

[edit] User on Nasza Klasa.

{{NK_person|provide full URL}}

[edit] User on ВКонтакте (VKontakte)

{{VK_person|provide full URL}}

[edit] User on Одноклассники (Odnoklassniki )

{{ODK_person|provide full URL}}

[edit] User on Twitter

{{Tw_person|provide full URL}}

[edit] Templates for discussion pages

[edit] Welcome

Used to welcome a new user:


[edit] Templates for sources

See :

[edit] Sample: Link to La noblesse de Russie (Russian Nobility) (Nikolaï Ikonnikov)

[edit] Sample: Link to ru:Source:Римские-Корсаковы, полное дерево

[edit] Templates for categories

[edit] Category to delete?

[edit] Category to modify?

[edit] Templates for Statistics

[edit] Unknown use

Please provide some globish translation about these templates...

[edit] Arch_person


[edit] Dead rep


[edit] Good tree


[edit] Enko


[edit] Tree recon


[edit] Place dis


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