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[edit] How to create the Portuguese language, code "pt" ?

  • Need only to translate data (words) on the page English_collection and save it as Portuguese_colletion... ?
  1. - I changed the 'en' of first array (in the $extraLangNamespaces) to 'pt'. Is It correct ?
  2. - Need I change the "$wgRdMessagesEn" to "$wgRdMessagesPt" too or keep this variable as it is ?
  3. - Need I to translate the "Allmessages" page too ? How save it ?
Thanks! Morais 02:52, 10 February 2006 (EET)
  • Thanks for 1 & 2 points. About "Allmessages" - if MediaWiki does not have Allmessages in your language you must create translation, if translated Allmessages exists don't spend your time. If you would like, you can be a sysop of you language and in this case you can work with system messages into your language like with standard pages of project (be carefull). --Baya 11:18, 10 February 2006 (EET)
  • Baya, sorry for any inconvenience...
    I'm a System Analist, using SQL SERVER 2000 and ASP, but... I'm starting in WIKI and don't know much of this system...
    How can I know if the AllMessages is translated ? Where site and file I need to see ? This file has any difference for language ?
    I can see and copy this file from WikiPEDIA in portuguese ? Do you know how ?
    If I accept to be a SYSOP, it's only here, in the rodovid, correct ? Only in the engine.rodovid or in en.rodovid or in the pt.rodovid too ? How it's work ? What extra job is requerid from me for this ? Thanks. Morais 22:28, 10 February 2006 (EET)
  • Am I need to create these pages/files (Portuguese_collection) in the real site, en.rodovid, or only here in the engine.rodovid ? Morais 22:59, 10 February 2006 (EET)

MediaWiki is a php engine of Wikipedia. It has Language[LangCode].php file for every unique language. Every file contains all system messages translated to selected language. I ask you on your talk page about Pt-br file. Format of file is equal code presented on page Portuguese-br collection (for exmple). This is just initial version of language. But namespaces must be translated on the beginning...

During installation all messages from this file are copied to db in special namespaces called MediaWiki. All pages into this namespace are protected by default, this mean that only sysop can edit its. After installation sysops can edit messages like usual pages. So after I install pt db you can work with pt messages directly on

  • has a message that LanguageXX.php is obsolet and isn't in use... :-(
    Checking the CVS for files, I found the files for Portuguese Language and Portuguese of Brasil language:
    For Portuguese (PT):
    MessagesPt.php and LanguagePt.php
    For Portuguese of Brasil (PT-BR): MessagesPt_br.php and LanguagePt_br.php
    What do I do with this files ???? Morais 02:21, 15 February 2006 (EET)
  • I am very happy. It very good news for me.... So now translators must work only with MessagesXX.php files. It is very good idea to remove php code from language files. As I understand in cvs exists Pt_br, so I add this. (sorry, but now I am hardly working with gedcom import, after this I add Pt-br and continue with a bugs --Baya 10:05, 15 February 2006 (EET)
  • Ok!
    I'm using the portuguese language (pt) with out problem ! :-)
    The pt-br Portuguese is very close(? similar) to pt... and it's good to have their own words and verbs in messages, but using the same main page, if it is possible... :-)
    When you return to this case we can find what to do... :-) Morais 00:42, 16 February 2006 (EET)

[edit] Lithuanian translation

Hi, I've translated messages from RdLanguageEn.php into Lithuanian. Had to leave few untranslated cause couldn't do that without knowing the context. But overall it's 99.5% translated. What I have to do now? Stutas 17:37, 24 November 2008 (EET)

[edit] Sysop

Read page Help:Sysop

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