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[edit] Proposal for Rodovid Rules: Release Beta 1 (close to being applied ?)

[edit] 1. Rodovid policy

1.1.Rodovid is a non-commercial public project based in Kyiv, Ukraine, governed by Ukrainian legislation under the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data. It is provided "as is".

1.2.Rodovid does not provide security for or restrict access to any information published. Such access might be developed in future and will be sold by paid subscription.

1.3.Rodovid, its administration and/or its founders will never collect personal information, e.g. for third parties. The main aim of this project is to provide a means for building genealogical trees and connecting people and their trees all over the world.

1.4.Rodovid promotes a friendly environment of mutual respect for each user's contributions, but with respect for genealogy science.

1.5.Rodovid's administration is guided by the principles of legality, decency and prudence, but retains the right to perform non-popular decisions, e.g., permanent blocks if it is in the community's interest.

[edit] 2. Users' general rights and obligations

2.1.Users are free in their activity on Rodovid except obligations and restrictions provided below.

2.2.Users can freely connect with each other and take assistance from advanced users and administration.

2.3.No hate speech or other discrimination is permitted.

2.4.Users are obliged to follow these rules without any personal restrictions.

2.5.The rights of the administration and advanced users determined by Rodovid's administration.

2.6.From 2011, users will be required to provide real e-mail due to legislative restrictions.

[edit] 3.Rights of third parties

3.1.Every person has the right for the removal of information about himself and persons under his guardianship and trusteeship if it was entered by users of Rodovid.

3.2.If public interest prevails on the private interest of such persons the Administration of Rodovid can refuse the request for deletion with a reasoned explanation.

3.3.If any copyright infringements are discovered every person has the right to an elimination of the infringing material and, if technically possible, a permanent block on the user who violated such rules.

[edit] 4. Content rules

[edit] 4.1. Main Rule

4.1.1.One person can be connected only with one record. Through all localizations.

[edit] 4.2.Private and public

4.2.1.User must receive verbal or written approval from his tree members for publishing on Rodovid personal information, and ask for disclosure limits.

4.2.2.No private information is allowed without the individual's permission. Records can be unilaterally edited by moderators to remove personal information, such as contact information.

4.2.3.Rodovid's administration has the unilateral right to closing anonymous access if required so by law.

[edit] 4.3.Controversy or uncertainty about a family link

4.3.1.If parents are controversial do not add any parents "as parents". Just add all controversial info in notes. Categorization helps in this situation.

4.3.2.Foster parents can be noticed in person notes.

4.3.3.If one of parents never been known foster parent might be used as blood with some information in notes.

[edit] 4.4.Users

4.4.1.Users are not allowed to put any information about any corporation, association, group or other entity on all Rodovid's pages, except own user's page and user name.

[edit] 4.5.Connecting existing trees

4.5.1.Verifiable and reputable sources (archives sources, science articles etc.) must be cited when connecting trees.

4.5.2. If more than one theory present in such resources connection aren't desirable, but possible with providing detailed information in notes.

[edit] 4.6. Sources and original research

4.6.1.Original research MUST be sourced.

4.6.2.Facts or connections based on original conjecture and not found in reputable sources (science articles, archives etc.) are not permitted.

[edit] 4.7.Advertisement and other commercial information

4.7.1.No advertisement and commercial information permitted without agreement of Rodovid's administration.

[edit] 5.Record rules

5.1.Clan rule - Writing clan names is based on local language rules.

5.2.Place must be fully based on historical boundaries and not modern political boundaries.

5.3.UPPERCASE and lowercase in records are restricted!

5.4.Pages which contain only a link to Wikipedia are useless, and not allowed. If you create a place page must be provided data interesting for researchers.

5.5.If there is no localization provided with needed language, person can:

5.5.1.Provide a translation to his own language and found new localization with administrative rights and obligations or

5.5.2.Provide information in any other localization with mark [[Category:Need localization]]

[edit] 6.Copyright and copyleft

6.1.Copyright images and photos allowed only under all of the following conditions:

6.1.1.In record pages about some person;

6.1.2.If author allows using such image or photo in non-commercial projects or directly on Rodovid site.

6.2.If image or photo looks like copyright work but author aren't known users must note about this.

6.3.Administration can ask any user about sources and copyright of any image and photo in Rodovid.

6.4.If any infringement is found all work can be deleted.

6.5.Copyleft images and photos (ie, those licensed under a free licence, such as Creative Commons) are desirable and preferable.

6.6.If own work published on Rodovid it means that it released under the most recent Creative Commons License edition used on Rodovid site if any other restriction placed.

[edit] 7.Rules date and localizations

7.1.This rules are effective 1 September 2010.

7.2.All localizations must have an equal translation of this rules.

7.3.Local rules can be added if special national or other specific conditions apply.

7.4.Such rules must be added to any other localization with remark that they are only present in that specific localization.

7.5.Founders (owners) and administration can change this rules at any time in response to changes in legal restrictions.

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