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[edit] The beta 1 release is under construction

[edit] Proposal for Rodovid Rules: Release Alpha 3 (close to being applied ?)

[edit] Main Rule

One person - one record. Through all localizations.

[edit] Controversy or uncertainty about a family link

If parents are controversial do not add any parents "as parents". Just add all controversial info in notes. Categorization helps in this situation.

Foster parents can be noticed in person notes.

[edit] Users

Users are not allowed to write anything in the name of any corporation, association, group or other entity. Users are only allowed to write in their own name.

[edit] Connecting existing trees

Verifiable and reputable sources must be cited when connecting trees.

[edit] Sources and original research

Original research MUST be sourced. Facts or connections based on original conjecture and not found in reputable sources are not permitted.

[edit] Additional rules (need more development!)

  1. No hate speech or discrimination allowed
  2. Clan rule - Writing clan names is based on local language rules.
  3. Place must be fully based on historical boundaries and not modern political boundaries.
  4. UPPERCASE and lowcase in records are restricted!
  5. Pages which contain only a link to Wikipedia are useless, and not allowed. If you create a place page - please provide data interesting for researchers.
  6. If there is no localization with needed language, person can be added in any, but this person must be added in a special category. for example (Category:Language XX)
  7. No private information is allowed without the individual's permission. Records can be edited by moderators to remove personal information, such as contact information.

[edit] See also

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[edit] In other localizations

Is there any discussion on this problem in other localizations? etc.

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