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July 2007

July 12

Rodovid's servers were down today from 10:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. for technical reason (electricity supply rearrangement). Sorry for inconveniences.

July 11

+ [Bug:65] Rollback and Undelete features enabled
+ Function Hooks: clan:, clansize:, cs:, bug:
- wrong redirect to new person/family after 'return' pressed into comment field
- double sources during first translation procedure
- not changed show/hide details text on link ( rd_hidesourcedetails & rd_showsourcedetails messages )
+ textarea is using for edit event info
  • SLGS moved to family events

June 2007

June 30

+ Parser hook: Cite - Adds <ref[ name=id]> and tags, for citations
+ adds a log of account creations to Special:Log (hook Newuserlog)

June 26

Rollback and Undelete disabled - Sysops should be aware that bugs in rollback and undelete [1] (Bugzilla account required) have caused problems and so both are disabled until the bugs can be fixed.

June 18

Rodovid is finally receiving its brand new engine for generation of family trees. The installation of the engine may cause some difficulties for users. Sysops are requested to get ready to translate some system messages in the Rd- field.

April 2007

April 5

Rodovid Engine version 0.2.2

+ registered users can edit records in GEDCOM Version 5.5 - select option in your preferences. (note: Rd Engine 0.2 is only implemented at for testing purposes)
+ pictures can now be viewed directly on trees -- example

March 2007

March 21

+ initial version of Es: localization

March 20

Rodovid Engine version 0.2

+ clears server cache of related persons and families after a record has been edited
+ compact edit form with grouped tabs enabled
+ default picture of a family
+ 2 new namespaces: Place and Source. Automatic creation of a link from places mentioned in the Events tab section
+ simple search for related persons
+ no limits for relations
+ possibility to work with pure XML (see user preferences)
+ shows non-married parents in trees
+ loads additional information on a person's box only on request through mouseover (this speeds up creation of family tree pages)
+ possibility to add relations to not saved, but filled records
+ list of translation/ links in edit form
+ some additional genealogical settings
+ many other minor changes.

Note: the GEDCOM import feature is disabled at the current development phase .

Looking forward to your comments

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