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Events viewer (EV) is a special page which can present lists of persons or families who has lived a particular event, in a particular place, in a particular period.


[edit] Addresses of Events Viewer pages

These pages have typically these kind of adresses:

  •<place>&f=<date 1>&t=<date 2>&e=<event type>&o=<order>

for instance:

is a link to the list of deceases, in Chemiré-le-Gaudin, during the year 1785.

These lists can be very usefull for genealogists and local historians:

  • searching someone
  • controlling one's work.
  • making statistics

[edit] Event viewer form

  1. Choose one or several events in the left fields (several, with Ctrl click)
  2. Write the name of a registered place in the place field
  3. ext info is used for details of event. e.g. if the chosen event is occupation, you can ad black-smith
  4. <rd_searchevfrom> field is the beginnig date included
  5. <rd_searchevto> is for end date excluded. Take care, if you want the list of births in Kiev in 1800, write from 1800-01-01 to 1801-01-01, and not 1800-12-31!
  6. Validate

[edit] Eventsviewer parameters and sort keys

  • p = place
  • f = beginnig date of the period. (included) Format = YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-MM or YYYY
  • t = end date of the period (excluded)
  • e = event-type, e.g. BIRT (birth), DEAT (death) etc. With the syntax of gedcom tags used in your Rodovid localization.
  • d = detail <ext info>
  • o = order: family or clan. Nothing or any other text will sort the page by date
    • family: by family-name, first name, date
    • clan: by clan, name, date
    • date, by date, clan, name

These adresses can be written directly in the adress bar of your browser.

[edit] Creating an entry point to Events viewer

  1. Go to something like en:Special:Eventsviewer/&e=BIRT&p=Enter_a_place_name_here_! (of course the first two letters depends of your localization)
  2. Use this adress as an entry point. You can use it in the sidebar. (See: )

[edit] Translating EV system messages

Sysops have to translate EV system messages:

  1. MediaWiki:Eventsviewer top title of the page
  2. MediaWiki:Rd_evinfo ext info
  3. MediaWiki:Rd_eventsviewertext text under the form (think about a link to a help page!)
  4. MediaWiki:Rd_searchevfrom begining date of the period
  5. MediaWiki:Rd_searchevto end date
  6. MediaWiki:Rd_orderby Sort key for results
  7. MediaWiki:Date Date

See exemple fr:Special:Eventsviewer/&e=BIRT&p=Écrivez_ici_un_nom_de_lieu&f=1200-01-01&t=2020-01-01

[edit] Writing a link to EV in any page of Rodovid

Of course you can use simple wiki syntax, like

  • [[Special:Eventsviewer/p=Kiev&f=1800-01-01&t=1801-01-01&e=BIRT&o=date|births in Kiev in 1801]]

but it's a bit complex...

You can use a template to write these adresses in any page of Rodovid.

[edit] Template, release α

[edit] Syntax

[[Special:Eventsviewer/p={{{place}}}&f={{{beginning year}}}&t={{{end year}}}&e={{{event}}}&o={{{sort key}}}|{{{title}}}]]

[edit] Use:

Copy and paste the following code, and paste it where needed. Complete with your infos.

|beginning date=
|end date=<!-beginning date + 1 or more-->
|event=<!-BIRT, DEAT, BAPM, MARR or BURI-->
|sort key=<!Clan, family or date-->
|title=<!-e.g. : deceases in 1787 at Paris-->

[edit] Result:

When inserted, the above code looks like this (in EN localisation):

en:Births in Chemiré-le-Gaudin in 1785

[edit] Template "whoislistedhere"

There are several localizations of Rodovid using this template. :

This template can be hardly improved by the use of EV! See for instance:

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