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First words about subj can be found Bjwebb's talk page.

Long discussion of first version -- at Rob Hooft's talk page.

System messages, used during gedcom import procedure, can be easilly recognized at special page. All of them have prefix gedcom_

[edit] Some cuts from Help:FAQ page

[edit] What happens if I move/rename my gedcom file?

I now uploaded my gedcom file as /home/rob/hooft.ged. What happens to the external links if I upload it from /home/rob/genealogy/hooft.ged? Or worse, from /home/rob/genealogy/all.ged? And what happens if another user uploads a gedcom file from /home/rob/hooft.ged? Rob Hooft 22:02, 16 March 2006 (EET)

  • The reference to the GEDCOM (listed in the indrefs field) is constructed in this way:
userid::case sensitive name of the file without path::gedcom item type(INDI|FAM)::@gedcom item id@
if another upload file with same name and this file will contain item with same type and id the similar search will show records as with same REFN. If the refnums are fully identical, the record is considered identical. If the refnums are identical except for the userid, they will be listed as "similar".
  • /home/rob/hooft.ged & /home/rob/genealogy/hooft.ged from you are the same.
  • /home/rob/hooft.ged from you and /home/rob/hooft.ged from another user are similar.
  • /home/rob/hooft.ged & /home/rob/genealogy/all.ged from any are different. --Baya 12:36, 17 March 2006 (EET)
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