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Tired of trolls and fakes in Rodovid?
Tired of trolls and fakes in Rodovid?

All of us (Rodovid users) have noticed that Rodovid is spoiled by trolls and fakes. Because we are tired of this, it's time to stop these unfair records.

We all know it's much more longer to demonstrate that a fake is a fake, than to write it.

If you find repetitive fakes in the database, please complete this list, with sourced informations.

And what about other new rules?

Stop spamming Rodovid !

Please read discussion page, and write there, instead of erasing the following remarks.


[edit] Abgar V Ukkama bar Ma'nu (Abgarus of Edessa)

See en:Person:816107

Cited source was written by Jakob Lorber, from this site :

On main page of this site, it's clearly indicated that :

Jakob Lorber declares before each work that the true authorship of his writings is the spirit of Jesus Christ, by which he was instructed to listen and write throughout the last 24 years of his life.

How can anybody who has all his brain can imagine this is a source?

[edit] "Project DFA inc"

According to an english-speaking user :

  • DFA Certification is simply another source According to Project[1]

OK. But What is DFA? :

  • Project DFA was incorporated in the State of Delaware as a Non Profit organization in 2010 as a response to industry need in resolving some of the genealogical mysteries posed by modern DNA studies.[2]

OK, so this user uses DFA inc. works as sources.

There is a problem. Project DFA inc. does not exists on the web.[3] No mention exept in pages written by this user.

So even if DFA inc exists, this user uses non-public sources. Does it make any sense[4][5]?

[edit] Marriage en:Family:241008

Marriage contract Magdeleine Nicolet / Jean Leblanc 1643
Marriage contract Magdeleine Nicolet / Jean Leblanc 1643

It was not long ago, in Rodovid.EN Jean Le Blanc was married to Euphrosine Nicolet somewhere in Canada.

Euphrosyne was the daughter of Jean Nicolet (Dit: le Sieur de Belleborne), coming from Cherbourg historically attested, who went to explore the North Canada.

The Bonhome has had his daughter Euphrosine at a time when we know that he was lost in a Nissiping tribe isolated from other settlers for several years. We know that he was an interpreter for transatlantic fur traders. It matches.

Logical conclusion the mother of Euphrosine is Native American. All this is badly quoted, but it makes sense, and it is rather a nice story.

Let's go back to Euphrosyne, this is where it goes bad. By scratching a little one sees that her husband is called "Jean Le Blanc" (John the White in french) as a nickname. In fact he is also a Nissiping Native American and his other real names are variously transcribed: Outoutagan, Outoutaga, Otoutagon, Ottoutagan. Same with his nickname sometimes Jean le Bland.

All that stuff is sourced by brief biographies we can read online. It matches: unity of place and time, it's all there ... almost. A family with Franco-Indian marriages over several generations, one has the feeling that it is too good to be true.

Marriage certificate
Marriage certificate

In fact : the primary sources still exist in Quebec, actually our Jean Leblanc/Lebland was born in Normandy at Saint-Lambert, we know his parents identity through his marriage contract and his marriage certificate drawn up in due form in Québec (city).

In short, this tree was a pure fantasy dream, a beautiful poetry on the American melting pot. Nice, but it was one more fake in Rodovid.

In conclusion:

  1. In Rodovid, biographical references are mostly useless, except when they clearly indicate affiliations, which is rarely the case.
  2. Only references to events (not to individuals) are interesting: births, marriages, deaths. So until the end of the XVIth century it is exclusively parish records and civil records (for countries where it exists). Before, there are the genealogical books, which concern only the nobility, and are therefore questionable, given the huge economic interests induced by a busy tree.

So : souces, sources, sources! Write your sources, even if they seem "light", then we can study them! Sources about events. And great care about copying genealogy sites. They are just copy-machines.

No need to write: if you don't have source, don't write anything.

[edit] Genealogy of Slavish Kings

[edit] Rurik (on Wikipedia)

Rurik, Prince of Novgorod, ancestor of Rurik Dynasty, the only information we have about his origin come from the Primary Chronicle (860/62) who said : "Rurik is Varangian and came to settle with his 2 brothers in Novgorod." But this chronicle remains controversial… We don't know who are his parents! And no sources give the name of his wife!


  1. Yet in RD he is the son of a Swedish king and maried to a Bulgar princess !

[edit] Mythology of Norse Kings

[edit] Ragnar Lodbrok (on Wikipedia)

Ragnar Lodbrok, is a legendary king, father of the king "Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye" of the Norse Danemark; several attempts to find his real identity failed!

  1. A user mixes him with many other Ragnar found, but it is impossible to link them to Sigurd !
  2. Though no tradition gives his parents, here we have parents !
  3. Due to the Rurik link with a king of Sweden, Ragnar becomes the great-great father of Rurik though he is legendary ! Though it is forbidden to link legendary characters to real persons !

[edit] Genealogy of Merovingian (Frankish) kings

[edit] Pharamond (on Wikipedia)

Pharamond, famous legendary leader of the Franks (mythical great great grand-father of king Clovis) : instead of being a Frank, a user makes him a Roman (at the time there are huge differences of legal rights between them). Only one source speaks about this legendary character : the Liber Historiæ Francorum, from an unknown writer, where it is said: Marcomir father of Faramond, father of Clodio.

  1. A user makes Pharamond the son of "Sono the Frank" (not Marcomir),
  2. This user adds many other children
  3. This user gives him the Roman nationality (only Roman citizens had the right to travel in the Roman empire) it is inconsistent with the fact that he was a Frankish leader (Barbarian) and that Romans were at war against Franks at this time
  4. This user describes him with very different titles; Pharamond was the legendary leader of Franks based in Cologne (actual Germany): this position is totally inconsistent regarding the other fake titles this user gives him like "Prince of Lentienses" (meaning he was leader of an Alaman - not Frankish - group called "Lentienses" located in the actual Germany) or "Orkades, Britain, Dux Romani (in Exhilos)" meaning he lived in Britain and have a Dux (Roman adiministrator) resposability
  5. This user adds many sources which speak about other peoples, sometimes with a close (or not) name (see below)
  6. Moreover, he has 2 births[6],
  7. This user merged him with 2 other persons[7],
    1. the first is a Roman named Septimus Claudius Pharamondus Varasdates (because the name vaguely sounds the same as Pharamond),
    2. and the other named Varasdates (an Armenian?)

[edit] Sunno the Frank (on Wikipedia)

Sunno the Frank, leader of the Franks in the early middle ages, only 2 sources speaking about him :

  1. "the story of Sulpice Alexandre" retranscribed in the Historia Francorum from Gregoire de Tours (Livre 2, chapitre 9) saying that he is the brother of Marcomir and he did some slaughter
  2. "Eloge to Stilicon from Claudien" saying that he is the brother of Marcomir and he did some slaughter and no more !


  1. So how it is possible to find a father "Prince of the Rosomanian Bosphori" ?
  2. This user gives him the Roman nationality (only Roman citizen had the right to travel in the Roman empire) it is inconsistent with the fact that he was a Frank leader (Barbarian) and that Romans were at war against Franks at this time.
  3. Moreover, he has 2 births[8],
  4. A user merged this person with three other peoples[7]:
    1. the first is a Roman named Tiberius Julius Saromates (because Saromates sounds the same as Suomar, who seems to be the same as Sunno),
    2. the second person is named "Sanasar of Mihr" (an Arab?)
    3. and the third is named Valinak Siak (an Armenian?)

[edit] Marcomir (on Wikipedia)

Marcomir, leader of the Franks in early ages, only 3 sources speak about him

  1. "the story of Sulpice Alexandre" retranscribed in the Historia Francorum from Grégoire de Tours (Livre 2, chapitre 9) saying that is the brother of Sunno and he did some slaughter
  2. "Eloge to Stilicon from Claudien" saying that is the brother of Sunno and he did some slaughter
  3. a late source (The Liber Historiæ Francorum) speaks about him as father of Pharamond and that all no more !


  1. with these sources how it is possible to find him a father, a wife and 2 children (not named Pharamond) ?
  2. This user didn't sourced his fantasy !

[edit] Clodio (on Wikipedia)

Chlodio, leader of the Franks in early ages, only 2 sources speak about him :

  1. The Historia Francorum from Gregoire de Tours says that he was the leader of the Franks and some say that Mérovée descends from him
  2. A late source (The Liber Historiæ Francorum) speaks about him and gives him Pharamond for father


  1. The name of her mother is unknown, and here we've got somebody
  2. No sources speak about his 2 daughters recorded in RD (one from the north of Italy though he lived in present-day Belgium (or south of Germany)

[edit] Genealogy of Western European lords (Early Middle Ages)

[edit] Alaric I (on Wikipedia)

Alaric, King of the Wisigoths, when they were still in Greece

  1. No sources give the name of his father
  2. No sources give the name of his wife (or his wives)
  3. His daughter married Theodoric (according the source: Wolfram (1998), p. 174.) but here it is his son
  4. We don't know by other sources who are his other children but here in RD we've got two; one is very interesting;
    1. Flavius Ardaburius (on Wikipedia) with the "Alan" nationality (not Wisigoth !)

[edit] Liuvigild (on Wikipedia

Liuvigild], King of the Visigoths, when they still around Narbonne (actual France). we know him just because of one source (Gregory of Tours IV.38, p. 233. )

  1. No sources give the name of his father, and here in RD he had got 3 (before my cleaning)
    1. One is Dux Gallia Narbonensis, so he have to be Roman or Gauls (Celt) (so he is not Visigoths (Germanic)
    2. Another one are "king of the Visigoths", but no sources link them
    3. And the last one (my favorite one), is the son of King Arthur ! the legendary king of Great Britain ! he his "Dux Gallia Narbonensis" as the first father, ... and the name (Kynuelyn or Cynegild) don't sound like the 2 child of the legendary King (Lohot and Mordred)
  2. No sources give the name of his mother, and here we have got one;
    1. Ho, ho ! a daughter of King Arthur ! strange family affair !, But I don't find any information saying King Arthur had a daughter !
  3. No sources, of course !

[edit] Rechila (on Wikipedia)

Rechila, Suevic King of Galicia

  1. his father is named Hermeric (on Wikipedia), King of the Suevi and not Richomeres (Frank) !
  2. his mother is not known
  3. his only known child is named : Richgar (on Wikipedia), the 3 other children are pure fantasy !

[edit] Bello of Carcassonne (on Wikipedia)

Belló IV of Carcassonne, Comte de Carcassonne. the only source seems to be "Cros-Mayrevieille Tome I (1846), p. 131, which does not cite the sources".

  1. This record is merged with [7] :
    1. "Borrell, Count of Osona" just because the name sounds close.
    2. This Bello of Carcassonne was never "comte de Razès"; this user added this inflammations to merge with Bera, Count of Barcelona !
  2. However we do not have information about these two persons' ancestry, this user adds the last comte de Razès for parents (Guillelmo of Razés) and Sesu de Cordoba (no source gives the name of the wife of Guillelmo of Razés)

[edit] Guillelmo of Razés (on Wikipedia)

Guillelmo of Razés, comte de Razès,

  1. This user merged Guillelmo of Razés with/
    1. Guisclafred of Carcassonne and
    2. Guillemond of Razès (son of Bera, Count of Barcelona) just because the name sound the same and two of them hold the comté de Razès, But it does not mean they are father and son[7] !
  2. This user based her record on the "Rennes-le-Château" information. This information is false, and is well known to everybody as a fake, because source of the "DaVinci Code" roman.

[edit] Pascweten (on Wikipedia)

Pascweten, King of Bretagne, son of a Ridoredh (of Vannes?).

  1. No child of him are recorded in real sources, moreover all his possessions were given to his brother, showing it was very unlikely he had a surviving child. and of course the user added some, ..
  2. His mother is not known from sources[9] and of course the user added one, ...

[edit] Turquetil of Harcourt

Turquetil (about 960-1020) was the second known lord of Harcourt, a well known house of Normandy (now in France).

An english speaking user : wrote:

  • The name Turchetil means "The Turk" in Romanian.

Maybe because Turquetil sounds lyke turkish.

So then the user declares that "his" Turchetil was born in Constantinople. Simple[10].

But "Turquetil" is a well known french deformation of "Thorketill", a well known scandinavian first name ("Thor ketill" = Thor's cauldron?). This deformation has given several town names in Normandy :

"Turqueville" = "Thorketill Villa" (Thoketill's dominion)

So then, a lord of tenth century living in Normandy , with a scandinavian name, is supposed to have been born in Istanbul, because his name sounds like "turkish" in a language spoken 2500km far from Normandy (in Romania !).

Last but not least, first mentions of turkish people in Abbasid Caliphate is from tenth century, but they conquered Constantinople in… 1453. Four hundred years after Turquetil's death.

[edit] Bonus:

  • this record is written with errors in name places (Pont Audmere instead of Pont-Audemer
  • there are 6 given sources:
  1. The British Chronicles, Volume 2 on Google Books. There is no mention of any Turquetill Turchetil, or even turk or turc, in it. Oops
  2. "The Beaumont Twins: The Roots and Branches of Power in the Twelfth Century", speaks about : "Turchetil, brother of Turold de Pont Audemer". Oops.
  3. Collins's Peerage of England; Genealogical, Biographical, and ..., Volume 4 speaks about "The said Turchetil was Lord of Turqueville, Turqueray[11]". No mention of any birth place. Oops…
  4. The fourth given source is the same than the third… Oops…
  5. and the fith is again the same… Oops
  6. The sixth is not in public domain
  • Google translate (which is not a good source) says that "The turk" is translated by "Turcul" or "turcă" in Romanian…
  • This record is not a "mistake". The same user has made 10 edits from 2008 to 2011.
  • Conclusion: either this is pure mythomania, or spam…

[edit] Genealogy of Eastern European lords (Early Middle Ages)

[edit] Son of Hilderic

The son of (Hilderic), the only reference to a child of Hideric was in Procope, Guerre des Vandales, livre II, IX, 3 where he don't specify the name and the sex of these children, but says that they have been sent to Constantinople!

  1. he have a name,
  2. from Vandals (Germanic tribe) and Roman high aristocracy; How he could be the father of Mugel (on Wikipedia) a "Bulgaris Khan" (Bulgars were a Turkic tribe - although some think they were Hunnic) ?

[edit] Krum (on Wikipedia)

Krum, Khan of the Bulgars, there are several sources to confirm that Krum was Khan of the Bulgars,

  1. No sources speak about children or parents of Krum!
  2. He has been given (in Rodovid) a Nordic name "Sevarsson" meaning son of Sevars (for a Bulgar ! who came from far East)
    1. He has not been given a father named Sevars but "Azan".

[edit] Omourtag (on Wikipedia)

Omourtag, Khan of the Bulgars, successor of Krum, there are several sources to confirm that Omourtag was Khan of the Bulgars,

  1. No sources speak about child or parent of Omourtag ! But he does have in Rodovid.

[edit] Genealogy of Celtic kings

[edit] Vercingetorix (on Wikipedia)

Vercingetorix, famous leader of the Gaulish war, instead of being presented as the son of Celtill, is described as being the son of Verica who lived in Great Britain one or two generations later, simply because both their names begin with "ver"[9].

That Verica himself is described without any justification as the son of Vericus (Bericus) Boiorix, with Boiorix being the king of a North Germany tribe[7].

[edit] Genealogy of Roman Nobility

[edit] Lucius Cornelius Cinna, (on Wikipedia)

Lucius Cornelius Cinna, father of Cornelia Cinna minor (wife of Julius Ceasar. Before his bid for the consulship of 87 BC, the only thing we know is : he was "Praetor"

  1. In Rodovid he becomes "King of Britain" though the first known King of Britain lived around 818; Just 9 century later !
  2. No sources speaks about parents; He have 3 parents in RD ! (with no sources)
  3. He had 3 children , and here in RD we've got… 6 children !

[edit] Gaius Julius Caesar, (on Wikipedia)

Gaius Julius Caesar, Dictator of the Roman Republic
Problems :

  1. Regarding sources, he had 2 natural children (acctually 1 is disputed) but in the wonderland of RD, he had 5 ! and some don't have his gens name (roman form of famlly name); strangely 2 are "Queen of Britain"
  2. The record has absoluetly no sources.

[edit] Genealogy of Greek Nobility

[edit] Callias III (on Wikipedia)

Callias III, son of Hipponicus III (who died at the Battle of Delium)

  1. How is it possible to give him the title "Rex Gallia" ? this guy is Greek ! He fought for the Greek, he was part of the Greek aristocracy ! never quit Greece ! his family is known as Greek !
  2. There's no sources speaking about his children, but in Rodovid, 2 generation after his grand-daughter married the "King of Britain" ruling at the same period as his great-father ! (400 BC)

[edit] Alexander the Great (on Wikipedia)

Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, Pharaoh of Egypt, King of Persia and Asia

  1. Normally he should have at maximum one child maimed "Alexander IV of Macedon" (323–309 BC - died aged 14), but here in RD we have 8 children
    1. One of these child born in "Magadha" (far est of India) where Alexander never went.
    2. Another one was born in Shambhala (Shambhala or Shambala is a mythical kingdom in Tibetan Buddhism).
    3. One was Governor of Gaul (-326 ? -323) so it means, if Alexander had him at 20 years old, this person was ... 10 years old when he hold this title at 5.000 km far away from his natal country. On his page it is written: Coins of Percephos have been found in Spain. The bust on the head resembles that of his father Alexander the great but bears the image of winged Pegasus (his personal insignia) thus identifying the coin as that of Percephos (or Perseus) rather than that of his father Alexander. It is a total non-sens
    4. Another one was born in Bahika, Industan. A country where Alexander never went
    5. A daughter named : Aesopia 'The Perdiccid' but Alexander was killed by a fever ! non-sens !
    6. A daughter married to his son !? strange family affairs !

[edit] King of Britain

King of Britain on RD and Rex Britannia on RD does it means King of Britain ? of course not ! it was created in 851 (peoples above are just leaders) ! or does it mean King of Great Britain ? of course not ! it began in 871 !

  1. Given source have to be the Historia Brittonum reporting myths and mythology (as King Arthur story, the coming of Brittons from Troy, etc ...) it is a roman ! (difficult to find other sources, because she didn't write down her sources !)

[edit] Brennus (on Wikipedia)

Brennus, chieftain of the Senones (Gaulish tribe), leading an attack on Rome in 387 BC

  1. Here in RD, he is Britannic, Dux Britannia (494 BC), but in fact he is not Briton, he is not Roman (so the title is not coherent) 103 years before leading an attack on Rome !?
  2. It seems he looks to be "Dux Britannia" just because his name begin by "BR", ...
  3. No sources (source: Livy -> Titus Livius too) don't speak a word on his family (parents, siblings of children)

[edit] Mahomet Descendance

[edit] Aisha Bint Uthman (Al-Umayyah), (on Wikipedia)

Aisha Bint Uthman, daughter of Uthman

  1. No sources give the name of her mother, so how it is possible to find the name of Ruqayyah (one of the wives of Uthman) daughter of Muhammad
  2. This person is merged with Aisha bint Muawiyah wife of Marwān I
  3. I don't find sources to confirm that Aisha and of Marwān I had a daughter,
    1. this daughter is the wife of Musa bin Nusayr (on Wikipedia), we don't find the name of his wife,
      1. and this couple had a daughter who we don't find any trace
        1. No trace as well in her son page Uthman ibn Naissa, (on Wikipedia)
          1. and this couple had a daughter : Sesu de Codoba, Then add a fantasy with the family of Razé/Gellone and you obtain a line between Muhammad to the King of France… etc.

[edit] Pharaoh of Egypt

[edit] Setnakhte (on Wikipedia)

Setnakhte, first Pharaoh of the 20th Dynasty

  1. he start the 20th Dynasty of Egypt, it means his parents was not king of Pharaoh ? logical non ? but in RD, his father is a Pharaoh of Egypt of the 19th Dynasty to make a link between all dynasties together, from them until now ! regardless of the truth or the lack of evidence !
  2. Just one child is recorded by historien (which historian?); Ramses III , so who are the 4 others ? One of them is supposed to be "King of Chyprus"!
  3. the source is mainly the bible… speaking about… not this person. Very usefull…

Krauss 1976, 1977; The Viceroy of Kush: His father's name was believed to have been Messuwy and realted to the 19th dynasty through his mother.

Papyrus Harris I - When the gods inclined themselves to peace, to set the land in its rights according to its accustomed manner, they established their son, who came forth from their limbs, to be ruler, LPH, of every land, upon their great throne, Userkhaure-setepenre-meryamun, LPH, the son of Re, Setnakht-merire-meryamun, LPH.

W. Turner and Tho. Hodgson. An universal, historical, geographical, chronological and poetical dictionary, exactly describing the situation, extent, customs of all kingdoms Containing likewise the lives of the patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and primitive fathers; emperors, kings, princes. Printed for J. Hartley, 1703 (Adonis son of Cinyras [from the contemporary Greek accounts]).

I have set his parentage to certain but the status of Hypothetical on his child Adoniram Almoustine 02:15, 21 October 2015 (EEST)

[edit] Ramesses I (on Wikipedia)

Ramesses I, first Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty

  1. Normally his father naimed Seti (Wikipedia), In RD he is the Pharaoh Smenkhkarê of the 18th Dynasty
  2. what is writhen: "Ramesses I was of non-royal birth, being born into a noble military family " so why do we found royal parents ?
  3. Normally he should have just one son named Seti I. Here he have got 3 !!!

Pharaohs had several names, birth name, throne name, ritual name, priest name. etc etc. New evidence is always appearing because this is an area under active study for Egyptologists. Also during this time in Egyptian history there were competing dynasties of Hurrian, Hittite, and Egyptian. There was more than one Ramesses, and you are getting confused between this Ramesses and Ramesses II

Originally called Pa-ra-mes-su, Ramesses I was of non-royal birth, being born into a noble military family from the Nile delta region, perhaps near the former Hyksos capital of Avaris. He was a son of a troop commander called Seti. (from Wikipedia) This is consistent with what is in Rodovid.Almoustine 02:23, 21 October 2015 (EEST)

[edit] Common Person

[edit] Arthur II Jones

Arthur Jones son of a lord "Arthur Jones, 2nd Viscount Ranelagh"

  1. Why as son of a lord he went as merchant in the new world (regarding where he lived he sould be pirate) ? (It was forbidden to the nobility to do business. This what we call "to derogate") ??

“Barbados Records Wills and Administrations Volume 1, 2 & 3 1639-1750 Compiled and Edited by Joanne McRee Sanders.” If you understood English Colonial history you would realize that the nobility were all up in the trade business in the new world from the very beginnings. Their names are all over the contracts of the period. Most of the founders of Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda, and Jamestown VA were sons of noblemen. see the extracts at Almoustine 01:57, 21 October 2015 (EEST)

  1. He is born when his great-father has 23 years old !
What? (nonsense)
  1. Resurrected 3 century after at 25.000 km far away… (what on earth are you talking about Tesson? This argument point makes no sense at all? Please explain...)
  2. his father was born before his great-father
What? (nonsense)

[edit] Susannah ?


  1. she is born 14 years after her husband death (and after the death of her child)
What? (nonsense)
  1. she died in the US, .. where her husband and her child never went
What? (consistent with sources) Almoustine 01:34, 21 October 2015 (EEST)

[edit] Sources

  1. See : en:Descent From Antiquity
  2. See : en:Descent From Antiquity#About Project DFA
  3. See : this Google search
  4. This is a violation of rule 4.4.2. Users are not allowed to put any information about any corporation, association, group or other entity on all Rodovid's pages, except own user's page and user name.
  5. It is clear on the DFA wikipedia page; they try to find routes but they don't have proof !; How it is possible to take this information as a source ? more over they base them "study" on false information like Franks come from Troya ( french article about that ) !
  6. This means this This user does not know haw Rodovid works
  7. 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 This is a violation of rule 4.5.2 : If more than one theory are present for connections, the administrator can choose the most probable by quality of the sources on consensus or strong majority. If there is no consensus or strong majority on the most probable connection, such resources connection aren't desirable, but alternative relations can be indicated as detailed information and links in the notes.
  8. This means this admin does not know haw Rodovid works
  9. This is a violation of rule 4.3.1. : If parents are controversial do not add any parents "as parents". Just add all controversial info in notes.
  10. This is not a joke. See : the record history
  11. Turqueray : maybe "Éturqueraye"
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