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[edit] inadequate editing in another location

in some cases, unscrupulous people add inappropriate changes to records in a particular localization. If the last true changes to the record was made in the same localization, the recovering of record is done very simply by using standard methods MediaWiki. If recent changes have been made in a different location, the recovery may take considerable effort. So additionally the last general state of the record will saved before the saving new changes to facilitate recovery of unscrupulous editing.

[edit] user registration with spam bot protection

I think also to add some restrictions for beginners. For example, they can not edit existing entries until they add 50 own records?

[edit] restore internal search

There has to be fixed a bug where references to deleted records were not deleted from the search terms table.

[edit] interaction between users

special block with information about the latest changes and most commonly used localizations will be added to the user talk page to help find best place to appeal to him

[edit] bug tracker recovery

with this I want to allow users to vote the order of development of new tools and features, and fixing bugs. The contribution of user will determine quantity of votes. Any payments also will be converted to votes.

[edit] Nota Bene

This is only a plan. Now I undertake to solve the first item of it. Comments and criticisms are very welcome at the talk page.

[edit] living people

There must be a possibility to add living people and to hide all their informations, so the account user can see a complete tree, but not other people. It help the user to have a whole tree online for his personal use, and other users will only see not living people. (It is possible in Geneanet with names shown as xx xx).

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