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tampon de la mairie, qui n'a aucun rapport.

Important : toutes les personnes présentes dans cette liste ne font pas partie de la même famille !

[edit] Help needed - HTML and Wiki syntax

Here are two templates in same page.

Left table shows "Clan names" variants. More common variants have bigger text. The template "Patronyme à variantes connues v4" (lineage with known variants) is inserted in "Clan:Test1/Variantes", and then "Clan:Test1/Variantes" is inserted in "Clan:Test1", "Clan:Test2", "Clan:Test3", "Clan:Test4". So when you add "Clan:Test6" or "7", it's displayed in all variants with only one operation.

Top right "div" shows common localization of a particular "clan name" on a map of France. When clicking on a variant, the localization changes. As you can see it uses "position:absolute" to stack red areas above the map. (only three areas at this time).

So I have two problems:

  • How can we strictly align the left table with the right "div" and the "In other languages" box ?
  • Don't understand why I can't set the same backgroud color than the "in other languages" box to the table and the "div" ???

In other languages



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