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[edit] Hunting for red links

Maybe 99% of links created in Rodovid are automatically created: clans and places. Users creating deliberate red links are very rare. So to avoid:

  • Errors in place name
  • ambiguity in place names

It is really usefull to maintain Wantedpages page almost empty. That means we decided to create all place pages and all clan pages with a standardized way.

[edit] Place names

For france we have a standardized minimal frame to paste in place pages. For all place pages we paste a template: who's cited here, which is a link to What links here. So for a any place page, this give a not so bad list of people who have lived an event in that particular place. So then place pages are really fast-done, with information for searchers.

Example: Kyiv in Rodovid.FR

There are some templates to give a quick view of administrative history of places. See for instance:

On right side of the page, there is a template which creates categories. Well, it's not perfect, really heavy. But it works.

[edit] Clans

There are no possible standardized information to paste in a clan page. So we systematically create clan pages, and paste there a template inviting users to contribute, writing what they know about that particular clan. Tunisian french-speaking users use this pages to write their familly history. French people do not use lots of these pages. We don't know why. Maybe in future.

Clan categories proposed by ukrainian team, about one year ago, are not used by french users. Maybe they seem strange...

[edit] Categorization

This is the general scheme of categories in Rodovid.FR

French Portal
Image:LieuLogo60x60.jpg Places
Image:PatronymeLogo60x60.jpg Clans
Image:EvenementLogo.jpg Events
France :
French archidioceses
Former french provinces
Former french parishes
French Locality and areas
Actual countries
Clan list
Manche departement clans
Picardie province clans
Perche area clans
Mayenne area clans
Sarthe province clans
Middle Age
Modern Era
French révolution
First french empire
Second french Républic
World war one 1914-1918
World War two 1939-1945
Image:StatistiquesLogo60x60.jpg Démography
Image:PersonneLogo60x60.jpg Peoples
Image:DépouillementLogo60x60.jpg Recounts
Démography in Oise department
Démography in Orne department
Démography in Sarthe department
Démography in Somme department
Migration flows
Biographical articles
Chemiré-le-Gaudin (72)
Hadancourt-le-Haut-Clocher (60)
Quibou (50)
Transières (27)
Image:QuotidienLogo60x60.jpg Everyday life
Image:OutilsLogo60x60.jpg Tools
Image:CuriositéLogo60x60.jpg Curiosities
Particular first names
Burials in churches
Blocked searches
Spouses with the same surname
Symétrical mariages

Now we know who the sesinble one is here. Great post!

[edit] Logos

Logos have been drawn specially for Rodovid.FR. Graphic theme is a small character looking at elements making genealogy.

Image:50px-Attentionsign.gif Image:Archidiaconé.png Image:ArtistesLogo.jpg Image:Cross sign.png Image:CuriositéLogo60x60.jpg Image:Diocèse.png Image:Doyenné.png Image:DépouillementLogo60x60.jpg Image:EvenementLogo.jpg Image:ForgesLogos60x60.jpg Image:GuerresLogo60x60.jpg Image:Info non-talk.png Image:Isolé.png Image:LieuLogo60x60.jpg Image:Logo Anonyme.jpg Image:Légendaire.jpg Image:Merge-arrows 2.png Image:Manche(50).png Image:MythologieEgyptienneLogo.jpg Image:OutilsLogo60x60.jpg Image:PapiersDeFamilleLogo.jpg Image:PersonneLogo60x60.jpg Image:QuotidienLogo60x60.jpg Image:StatistiquesLogo60x60.jpg

[edit] Rodovid Logo

The old fashion actual Logo could be replaced by a newer one. What do you think of this proposal:


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