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Events archives

2014-2008 2007 2006


[edit] December 2, 2018

- The first point. Google ads completely removed. For the last six month I had $27.30 in total. I don't see any reasons to continue. The next point is a usage of google analytics.

[edit] December 1, 2018

+ everything moved to https

[edit] November 30, 2018

! usability for mobile devices improved a bit

[edit] November 25, 2018

+ the form for "Genealogical Research in the archives of Ukraine" provided by Ridni

[edit] August 30, 2017

! en:User:Yann from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Wikiacc from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Volkov from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Morais69br from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Duncharris from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Stanley from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Rob Hooft from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Putnik from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Igor roz from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Gam3 from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Dumiac from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Daniel Kolditz Rubin from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Bjwebb from sysop to ex-sysop
! en:User:Almoustine from sysop to ex-sysop

[edit] February 6, 2017

+ 2015 & 2016 reports.

[edit] November 7, 2016

! some changes in person & family page titles caching. Changes in any person should reflected immediately in related records.

[edit] August 20, 2016

+ initial version of BR localization

[edit] June 12, 2016

+ initial version of SV localization
+ initial version of AR localization

[edit] September 15, 2015

+ dashed & dotted style for some kind of links to parents of person

[edit] September 10, 2015

+ type of link between person and parents. Please, translate message MediaWiki:Rd_parenttypes to your language (translate only words after symbol =)

NB: currently users can only mark links during person info editing.

[edit] July 27, 2015

! server moved to hosting

[edit] February 24, 2015

+ 2014 report. Any comments welcome at discussion page.

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