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The creation of a new language version on the Rodovid web portal will require the translation of system messages specifically related to the Rodovid Engine.


[edit] How to is based on MediaWiki engine and supports all Mediawiki functionalities. MediaWiki engine includes a SpecialPage - Allmessages. Everybody can see and discuss it, but only a sysop can change.

MediaWiki engine contains as many collections of system messages as many languages are supported by the engine. But these collections are default language system messages collections. Rodovid requires additional messages - all of them have names with prefix Rd_ and gedcom_. If you want to add a language to be used in Rodovid, you should translate it and put this new translation in the category Languages and make a link to your work on this page below in the section Requested languages.

Copy the Collection from another language, as the RdLanguageEn.php, and translate the right side of every string. After you finish the translation, please add note to this page in this section.

[edit] Languages

Presented at Front Gate

domain prefix Rd messages sysops
en English at en
nl Nederlands (Dutch) at nl
pl Polski (Polish) at pl
pt Português (Portugal) at pt
pt Português (Brasil) at pt
ru Русский (Russian) at ru
uk Українська (Ukrainian) at uk
de Deutsch (German) at de
fr Français (French) at fr
sr Српски/Srpski (Serbian) at sr
he עברית (Hebrew) at he
id Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) at id
es Español (Spanish) at es
it Italiano (Italian) at it
ro Română at ro
fi Suomi at fi
be Беларуская at be
ka ქართული at ka
ja Japanese at ja
cs Česky at cs
lt Lietuvių (Lithuanian) at lt
no Norsk (Bokmål) (Norwegian) at no

[edit] Initial versions

[edit] until no main page & sysops

  1. Svenska (Swedish) - fr:User:OldLion
  2. Arabic - (Arabic), - Sadamadad (Stephvvv)
  3. Brezhoneg (Breton) - engine:User:Dn Gov - fully translated

[edit] Translated (all Rd messages translated, no domain )

[edit] Requested languages (until all Rd messages not translated, no domain)

  1. Ελληνικά (Greek) - en:User:Kimon - not fully translated yet
  2. հայերեն (Armenian) - User:Pandukht - not fully translated yet
  3. Latina (Latin) - es:User:R0MAN0 - starting translation
  4. Latviešu (Latvian) - User:Dark Eagle - starting translation
  5. Татарча (Tatar) - en:User:Kemal - starting translation
  6. Türkçe (Turkish) - not translated yet
  7. Қазақша (Kazakh) - not translated yet

[edit] Dear sysops

Please set appropriate values of status of your localisations....

All sysops in all localisations are automatically granted sysop rights at Rodovid Engine.

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